I don't know when they moved in, but I suspect that they were here a lot longer than I realized. The strange noises I heard when working late at night on my computer was not the house settling, it was animals moving around in the walls of the house.

Having three girls, I am used to hearing screams to go kill a spider. But one evening after dinner, the yelling from upstairs was more frantic than usual. There was a squirrel in the attic, below the floorboards, and he was digging, as squirrels are prone to do, through the sheetrock and plaster of what was my daughter's ceiling. Particles of paint and plaster were falling on her bed, onto her and her friend. I was able to chase the squirrel away for the night, and immediately called Wayne. He came the next day and set traps.

It wasn't long before he caught one, and then another, and then another. I forget what was the final number, but it was a lot. My house is an older house, and there are unfortunately a lot of potential areas for visitors to get access. Wayne kept coming back until the problem was resolved. He didn't close the opening and remove his traps until he was sure that all the squirrels were out of the house. It turned out the access point was under the front porch, at the sill of the house, and at the farthest and darkest point from the entry to the crawlspace. I am sure that besides the squirrels, mice and spiders, Wayne is the only person who has ever crawled that far under there. I am amazed that he found the spot. Just because the squirrel is in the attic, that doesn't mean that is where he got in. They can make their own opening anywhere.

Wayne is a true professional, a nice guy, and I would recommend him to anybody who is unlucky enough to need his services. You won't be disappointed.

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