Cockroach Preparation Guide

1. Completely empty all kitchen and bathroom cupboards.
2. If roaches seen in bedroom, then empty chest of drawers, dresser drawers, and closet shelves.
3. Pile things on tables, couches, etc., or in middle of floor (not against baseboards). Cover completely with sheets, blankets, etc.
4. Wipe down cupboard shelves, countertops, etc. before treatment.
5. Clean stove tops (lift and clean undersides of top) and exhaust fumes.
6. Pull out refrigerator and clean back, bottom and floors. 7. Be prepared to vacate property for 3-4hours.
8. Upon return, you may find dead roaches. Wipe them up. Wipe down tables and table tops.
9. Do not wipe out cupboards. You may put contents back without fear of contamination.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 508-892-1967 if you have any questions or need further instructions.

There are new pests with every season, which is why we recommend an annual maintenance plan.