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Wildlife Removal

All jobs are quoted individually because of unique circumstances of situation and distance from home base

Residential Removal:
There is a non-refundable fee to cover the Initial cost of setting up the traps, trap monitoring, baiting and taking down the traps, for most types of wildlife.

Charges per activity / animal removal:
It is not uncommon to set many traps, and remove many animals, over a span of weeks. State law requires that captured animals removed from the property be euthanized.

Squirrels: Because of the large number of animals frequently captured in a squirrel situation, a flat rate fee is often used instead. Price to be determined after reviewing the location. Call for quote.

Beaver and Bat removals* are always special circumstances. Please call to discuss rates.

*Bat treatments are warranteed for 2 years;
Price for exclusion work: Varies.
Animals are very resourceful in regard to finding or creating an entry into a building. The best solution for wildlife control is to keep them out.

Price varies based on treatment circumstances and distance.

Commercial: Call for Quote.

What to expect.

Setting traps, checking traps, and following up on trapped animals requires a lot of travel time, trial and error, sleuth work, dedication and return trips. Few jobs are easy, but some are less difficult than others. The rates here are a general outline of what to expect for most situations.

The most common reason for contract modification is non-target catches and poor owner cooperation. If the contract is to be modified, then we will give the owner at least one day advance notice. We reserve the right to stop trapping, continuing, and/or to return at a later date.

We cannot guarantee that after removal of an animal(s), that another animal will not re-inhabit the same place by following scent markings (except bats and mice). The price for exclusion work may or may not be added to the contract, as circumstances require.

The owner is responsible for the security of all traps. The number of traps used will vary on a daily basis. In high risk environments, a security deposit of $85 per trap will be required. When traps are set inside the building, the owner is responsible for providing access to the property. Wildlife Control is not responsible for any damage which may be incurred to the buildings, belongings or yard areas while working to secure or remove animals
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Special combination Wildlife and Pest rates are available.
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