Rodent Info Sheet

When mice are detected in your home or building by one of our technicians, they will go over the treatment options available to you so that you are more educated in your decision.

Once you have decided how you would like your issue handled our technician will place the correct rodenticide into "childproof"/"pet proof" boxes in designated areas of your home or building. These areas MAY include: basements, under sinks, garage areas, outside the building, attics, or any other place not listed that the technician feels will help with your rodent issues.

The rodenticide being left in your home is tailored for rodents, and locked into special boxes so that animals and children cannot get to it. The rodenticide is also made to protect against secondary poisoning (when a dog or cat eats a mouse that has ingested the rodenticide they will not be harmed.)

Homeowners/business owners must be aware of the following after rodenticide has been put down:

1. The effectiveness of the rodenticide is roughly 6-8 months depending on numerous variables (such as weather, dampness, etc.)

2. The rodenticide needs 10-14 days to be found by rodents. They smell it as food, but it can take time for them to find it and eat it.

3. Any rodent ingesting the rodenticide will have organ failure and die within 72 hours of ingestion. Wildlife Control is not responsible for where the animal dies (although in that time period mice can travel a reasonable distance)

4. The rodenticide is not a cure all for rodents in your home/business. They can still enter your building and even with poison you may see them inside again. The poison prevents the rodents from establishing a "home" site which leads to major infestations. Rodents can reproduce every 21 days, thus having properly installed rodenticide disrupts their attempts to establish a "home" area. Attempting to "rodent proof" your home is available at additional cost, but is quite expensive due to the fact that mice can fit in the tiniest of spaces. This service still does not guarantee total protection from mice as they can fit into holes the size of a pencil.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 508-892-1967 if you have any questions or need further instructions.

There are new pests with every season, which is why we recommend an annual maintenance plan.